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Who We Are

The Double the Numbers (DTN) coalition represents an unprecedented commitment by community leaders to ensure that many more DC students succeed in college. Double the Numbers for College Success: A Call to Action for the District of Columbia (PDF) documents our collective challenge.

Specifically, starting with students who entered 9th grade in September 2006, we hope to double the numbers of 9th graders who finish high school within five years, enroll in college, and graduate from college in a timely fashion; currently, only 9 percent of our students do so, less than half the national average. This is a looming crisis for them and all of us. 

In response to this educational imperative, DTN, with input from more than 40 coalition members and outside organizations, recently completed a three-year operational plan. DTN is poised to increase our impact by focusing on the following five priorities:

  • Increasing college-ready high school graduates through support for DCPS’ secondary school transformation strategy, sponsorship of College Awareness Month, and stronger alignment with the Public Charter School Board.
  • Improving postsecondary transitions by increasing need-based financial aid for students and strengthening the alignment between and among college access providers and schools.
  • Increasing college graduation rates by forging stronger relationships with UDC and Trinity University. Because 80 percent of the District’s seniors matriculate to UDC, DTN cannot accomplish our mission without a stronger UDC.
  • Using data to inform policy and practice — DTN has identified 12 intermediate outcomes that will be linked to OSSE’s Statewide Longitudinal Education Data (SLED) System, which will help measure the progress of DC students and schools.
  • Creating an environment for reform by developing a policy agenda that supports a college-going culture in DC, seeking public endorsement of our work by senior DC leaders, and creating this Web site for DC middle and high school students.

To implement the agenda, the coalition is working closely with all those who share the urgency of our mission, including Mayor Fenty, the City Council, other policymakers, college access providers, principals, teachers, counselors, parents, business and community leaders, and the students who are counting on the leadership of adults to help secure their futures. (See the list of our members and partners.)

Making a Difference

Created in March 2007 through a Memorandum of Understanding between the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and 12 signatories, the coalition, our partners, and our members already have a track record of success in:

  • Building a sustainable infrastructure,
  • Increasing college-ready high school graduates,
  • Improving postsecondary transitions, and
  • Increasing college persistence/graduation rates.

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