Top Stretch Mark Creams

Did you wake up one morning and discover those colored streaks on your hips? Maybe you just had a baby and the streaks are found all over the body. Discolored streaks on the skin are signs of stretch mark development. Stretch marks form when an overgrowth has occurred and the skin’s collagen has lost its elasticity.  Waking up to the unsightly appearance of stretch marks can be devastating. Men and women can help the appearance of stretch marks by applying a topical stretch mark cream or lotion.

There are a variety of creams on the market that are intended for stretch marks. Some of the top stretch mark creams on the market are formulated to enhance the skin’s overall appearance and are clinically tested to diminish the signs of cellulite. Some manufacturers’ that sell topical creams may claim that their product is for use by both men and women.  By using a topical, you may begin to notice that the product improves smoothness and provides firmer looking skin.

The best creams for stretch marks are those that reduce the feeling of roughness and dryness. Stretch mark creams that are formulated to hydrate skin affected by stretch marks should be used.  Men and women can find stretch mark topical products in-stores or individuals can purchase a product online. Many manufacturers offer purchase specials online to reduce the cost of the product. When purchasing a topical stretch mark lotion, be sure to review the product information that is supplied on the product label. Get more information on the top stretch mark creams here

As men and women go through lifestyle changes, they may begin to gain stretch marks. The unnatural formation of stretch marks is a common skin development that affects people everywhere. Stretch marks most often appear on the arms, hips, breasts and thighs, but they can form on other parts of the body as well. Targeting stretch marks early in their development is critical. When stretch marks become fairly old, it is harder to enhance their appearance. Even the best creams for stretch marks may have a difficult time reducing the appearance of marks that are older than six months. To learn more about stretch mark products, please refer to websites like