TCA – what is it?

Trichloroacetic Acid (TCA) is a chemical that is often used to peel the skin. This is a medium strengthened ingredient that has been formulated in several tattoo fading products. It is believed that TCA has the ability to reduce the look of fine lines, helps even out the look of the skins tones and can improve the look of discolorations on the skin. Some manufacturers feel that TCA works effectively to diminish the look of tattoos. Although TCA has been shown to reduce the look of tattoos, this ingredient is potentially harmful and may promote side effects.

TCA when used in large quantities it can be potentially harmful. Many tattoo fading products that contain TCA have been connected to negative side effects. This is because TCA has the potential to burn the skin and can promote persistent redness, pigmentation changes, breakouts and sensitivity. TCA is not intended for all skin types. Some skin types may notice that TCA makes their skin look worse, not better. This means that the look of your tattoo may not be visibly improved, but worsened. That is why individuals should consider disregarding the use of products that contain TCA. However, TCA is not the only potentially dangerous ingredient to watch out for. Products that contain Hydroquinone or Cashew Nut Oil should be avoided as well. Browse around here to find out more about these ingredients.

You will want to find a safe and effective product that works. That means you will need to review the ingredient list of each product before purchase. Many products do not contain these potentially dangerous ingredients. Products like Fadeplex are a prime example. To find out more about this product, refer to websites such as On this site you can read reviews on the best tattoo fading options on the market. You can also see which products ranked best and there is an outline of products that contain harmful ingredients, compared to those that have no known side effects. This site can help you save hours of searching this information for yourself.