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Coalition Resources

Double the Numbers

Double the Numbers overview. Summarizes key accomplishments of the Coalition, our partners, and
our members, and also previews the major priorities ahead.

CAP Survey. This 2010 update of the Coalition's survey of college access providers -- first published in June 2008 -- profiles the multiple services that they are providing in DCPS and public charter schools.

Double the Numbers for College Success: A Call to Action for the District of Columbia. This October 2006 report, based on extensive research by the Bridgespan Group, launched the Coalition.

See "Coalition News" for the latest updates, including testimony on behalf of the Double the Numbers Coalition before the DC City Council.

College Awareness Month

Go to the College Awareness Month Resources section to view and download resources.

Double the Numbers Partners/Members

Career Guide 2010-2011: Promising Careers that Don't Require Four Years of College. This guide from New Futures provides information on more than 25 careers that can be pursued with less than four years of schooling, including information about the career itself, its educational and certification requirements, what the job environment is like, the job outlook for the future, some comments about income potential, and options for further career growth. In addition, it features schools in the DC area that offer each program, with contact information.

Responding to the Student Retention Challenge. A January 2009 brochure that summarizes UDC's recent gains in retaining more students.


KnowHow2Go. This Lumina Foundation-funded Web site includes useful resources for students and families. Part of a broader national Ad Council campaign to boost college attendance.

How Is School Reform Tied to Increasing College Access and Success for Low-Income and Minority Youth? The report identifies the five strongest predictors of college attendance and completion for our student population.

Reclaiming the American Dream, from the Bridgespan Group, also identified important predictors of college success.

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The lack of a college-educated population will not have a significant impact on DC.