Laser Treatments for Scars

Scars are a result of wounds or trauma to the skin. When the skin encounters a wound, the body begins its natural healing process. If a wound has not fully healed, then fibrous skin tissue forms and heals over it. Scars affect both adults and children. When a scar develops it can form anywhere on the body. There are different types of scars. Many scars form after insect bites, surgery, and piercings, or if the skin gets burned. When scars form they can differ in color and length. Some scars may be pink or red whereas other scars are brown. Sometimes a scar can be raised above the skin and other scars may be flat. Adults and children who become affected by a scar should consider using a scar treatment. The best treatments for scars are those that help remove the appearance of unnatural patches of skin. Learn more about scar treatments and products at

A commonly used scar removal treatment is laser. Laser scar removal treatments are intended to remove damaged layers of skin by using heat beams. These pulses of heat burn the upper layers of skin, which removes the skin so that the underneath layers are exposed. The newly exposed skin is then smooth and not as rough. There are other benefits of using laser scar treatments. Laser treatments for scars can help stimulate the production of new collagen. Collagen is the proteins that are found in the connective skin tissue. Other products like may help reduce the appearance of scars.

Laser treatments are highly effective, but they cannot be used at home. Instead men and women must make an appointment with a medical-facility that offers laser treatments. Laser scar removal treatments can be expensive, especially if several treatments are needed. After a laser treatment is performed, men and women must protect their skin from other environmental factors. It is important to apply sunscreen to skin that has just been affected by laser treatments. This keeps the skin from becoming burned from UV rays. After laser treatments the new skin may be sensitive.

If laser treatments do not work for you, then alternative options are available. Microdermabrasion treatments can help remove layers of skin affected by scars as well. However, this is still an invasive scar removal option. There is no one best treatment for scars as everyone’s scar is different. Applying a scar topical such as creams, serums, and gels are less invasive scar options on the market. Topical scar products can help diminish the appearance of most scar types and is applied in the comforts of your own home, on your time schedule.