How Effective are Cellulite Creams

body-massage-1255004-mCongratulations! You’ve decided to do something about your cellulite. You have taken the daunting first step. Are you considering an anti-cellulite cream? Perhaps liposuction? Spa treatments? Holistic remedies? And, how effective are cellulite creams? What results can you expect with each of these methods?

Liposuction is a surgical procedure that penetrates the deeper tissue layers. This is not an effective treatment for cellulite since the stubborn, dimply fat is only on the superficial layer.

Spa treatments seem like a fun and relaxing an idea for treating cellulite. The top choices range in price from $250 to $3,000. Each method requires multiple in-spa sessions. The super-massage and the clay mask (with electric currents) are two options. Velasmooth and Cool Laser are techniques that use infrared energy. All four of these spa treatments only deliver temporary relief of the appearance of cellulite. They do not actually remove it. On many occasions the area is swollen after such treatments; which merely just conceals the dimples in the skin.

Some of the holistic approaches to dealing with cellulite require applying some unusual products: Seaweed bath, coffee scrub, honey, Epsom salt & eucalyptus oil, juniper oil & apple cider vinegar, cayenne pepper & lemon juice, even vacuuming the cellulite area, and using dry brush with coconut oil. Some of these “remedies” are painful and some actually make the cellulite look worse! And, nearly all of these holistic techniques are extremely messy. The prep and clean-up is time consuming. Yes, dealing with cellulite on buttocks region is particularly exasperating because nobody wants the “orange peel” look! But, is lathering on a sticky concoction going to make your rump be cellulite-free? The truth is no. There may be a benefit to your skin’s softness, but none of the methods listed above can remove cellulite. Your best option may be to use an anti-cellulite cream. If all resources deliver the same results, many people opt for the most convenient method.  Visit here to learn more about it.

How effective are cellulite creams? The cellulite creams that work best are the ones in which the manufacturer has performed clinical trials and that include professional strength ingredients. The formulas that tend to work best are ones with high quality ingredients and that stimulates the area being applied to. A topical cream like this one; is intended to make the area look better by reducing the appearance of the cellulite. This virtual improvement does not need a scheduled appointment, sedation, or thousands of dollars. Just a daily application, as with a typical moisturizer or lotion. All cellulite creams take time. Some people see results in as little as a few weeks. So get started now!