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Youth Media Competition 2011

Entries due December 2, 2011

The 2011 Youth Media Competition (YMC) allows current DC public and public charter school students and recent alumni who are in or graduated from college to create media products to share their ideas about the importance of a college education.

Are there prizes? Yes! You can win $$ and cool gifts like an iPad and a Flip Video camcorder! Plus, your class can win up to $3,000. (Seniors, it could help pay for prom!) Your school also could win up to $3,000! (See Awards for more details.)

Who can enter the competition? Submissions can come from an individual, a class, or a school. Individuals must be current DC public or public charter high school students or DC public and public charter alumni who are currently in or have graduated from college.

What can I do to win? You can create your own original Web site, game, video, documentary, photo essay, or audio product about the importance of a college education and how to prepare for it. Your product needs to be five minutes or less if it is audio or visual.

What are the categories?

  • Inspirational: These products will make students take action because they feel hopeful about succeeding in college.
  • Informative: These products will provide students with important information about the college experience.
  • Instructional: These products will provide students with instruction on how to get ready for and succeed in college.

When are entries due? December 2, 2011.

Can I enter more than one product? Yes! You can submit as many entries as you like. Make sure they are of high quality to improve your chances of winning. Use a separate form for each entry.

What are the judges looking for? Your submission will be judged on clarity of message, creativity, and originality as well as how informative, inspiring, and engaging your message is.

What do I need to do now?

  1. Decide you, your class, or your school want to win the top prizes.
  2. Develop your ideas and produce your best product.  
  3. Submit your entries on time.

How do I enter/submit my project? Download the entry forms for high school students or alumni. Then, complete the form and submit all entries electronically. If it is less than 10 MBs, e-mail the entry form and your product to: YMC@doublethenumbersdc.org. If your product is more than 10 MBs, please e-mail for instructions on how to submit the entry.


Schools Total: $3,000

These awards can be used to strength the college-going culture of the school and can include scholarships or the purchase of college-preparation tools and curriculum. Awards include:

  • School with the most winning entries: $1,000
  • School with the most original and compelling product that reflects a high level of collaboration between staff and student: $1,000
  • School with the most compelling and original product created by a school and college access program: $1,000
Classes Total: $3,000

These funds can be used to support the college-going culture of the school, the senior class trip, or prom. Awards include:

  • Most original and compelling web product: $1,000
  • Most original and compelling video/visual product: $1,000
  • Most original and compelling audio product: $1,000
Individuals Total: $4,000

Special incentives of iPads for three students and three alumni in each of the three following categories:

  • Most original and compelling web product
  • Most original and compelling video/visual product
  • Most original and compelling audio product

Incentives for first, second, and third place for students and alumni in the web, video/visual, and audio categories:

  • First place: awards valued at $500
  • Second place: awards valued at $300
  • Third place: awards valued at $200

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Patrice, a sophomore at Anacostia, wants to major in computer science ... view video (1:06)


Don't miss out on this great opportunity. Download the entry form (high school students | recent alumni) right away. The deadline is Dec. 2, 2011.