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College Awareness Month Resources: 2009 and 2008

To help counselors and college access providers, principals and administrators, teachers and school staff, and parents and caregivers ensure that more of DC’s young people can navigate the process of getting into and succeeding in college, Double the Numbers has created the College Awareness Month Resource and Activity Book. The workbook was created in 2008 and updated in 2009.

These materials are in no way exhaustive. The Double the Numbers Coalition invites you to adapt and create your own activities and resources to augment the current collection. Please e-mail us to share your work. We may include your work in next year’s resource guide or post it on this Web site to share with others engaged in this important effort.


Download a PDF of the full workbook: 2009 | 2008


Encouraging College Preparation and Persistence

  • Resource 1: Differences between High School and College (PDF | Word)
  • Resource 2: College: It’s Up to You (PDF | Word)
  • Resource 3: College Myths: True or False? (PDF | Word)
  • Resource 4: Word Game: How Much Do You Know about College? (PDF | Word)
  • Resource 5: Get To Know Yourself — Study Yourself (PDF | Word)
  • Resource 6: Opportunities Available to Juniors Who Want To Get a College Degree (PDF | Word)
  • Resource 7: Preparing for the College Fair: Finding the Best Fit for You (PDF | Word)
  • Resource 8: Making the Most of the College Fair: Choosing Colleges that Are Best for You (PDF | Word)
  • Resource 9: College Participation in School-Based Events (PDF | Word)

Building a College-Going Culture

  • Resource 10: Principal and Administrator Activities To Create a College-Going Culture (PDF | Word)
  • Resource 11: College-Going Culture Rubric (PDF | Word)
  • Resource 12: College Access Providers (PDF | Word)
  • Resource 13: Planning a College Day (PDF | Word)
  • Resource 14: Parent and Caregiver Activities To Create a College-Going Culture (PDF | Word)
  • Resource 15: Planning a College Visit (PDF | Word)
  • Resource 16: Education Journey (PDF | Word)
    • Resource A: Interview Questions 
    • Resource B: Homework — A Parent-Child Activity
  • Resource 17: My College-Preparation Assessment Plan — I Dream, Plan and Act To Create My Future (PDF | Word)
  • Resource 18: Counselor and College Access Provider Activities To Create a College-Going Culture (PDF | Word)
  • Resource 19: Sample College Jeopardy Questions (PDF | Word)
  • Resource 20: Teacher and School Staff Activities To Create a College-Going Culture (PDF | Word)
  • Resource 21: DC Academic Graduation Requirements (PDF | Word)

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