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College Awareness Month

Early Preparation + Smart College Selection = College Success
October 1-31, 2011

Each year, Double the Numbers (DTN) is thrilled to observe College Awareness Month. For the past four years, college access providers have partnered with DTN during College Awareness Month to build a robust college-going culture in the District’s high schools. (See a complete list of Double the Numbers Coalition partners.)

What is College Awareness Month? It is a series of activities and events that take place across the city to support high schools in realizing their bottom line of high student achievement and increase the number of students who are prepared to succeed in college. The theme for 2011 is "Early Preparation + Smart College Selection = College Success."

What is the goal of College Awareness Month? Our goal is to dramatically increase the number of students from public and public charter schools who aspire to, prepare for, and complete college in a timely fashion.

How can I participate? You can take part in College Awareness Month activitiesIn addition, we have developed resources that counselors and college access providers, principals and administrators, teachers and school staff, and parents and caregivers can adapt and use to create a college-going culture and encourage student enrollment and persistence in college.

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Nkemdirim, a Benjamin Banneker alum, graduated from Grinnell College ... view video (1:05)


Through the High School/College Internship Program, qualified students can take courses at select local colleges during senior year of high school -- earning college credit while becoming familiar with college. Find out more.