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6th Grade

Sixth grade is an important year. You may be starting a new school, and your classes are getting more challenging. Here are steps you can take in 6th grade to make sure you are on track for high school:

  • If you are a DCPS student, be sure to log in to your Individual Graduation Portfolio, change your password, and start to get familiar with the resources that are available to you.

Work hard in school.

  • Do your best every day in your classes and try to get good grades.
  • Take a learning style assessment, which will identify how you prefer to learn new information. (DCPS students | other students)

Prepare for college.

  • Start exploring colleges online or visiting colleges in the DC area. You and your family can drop by any time to get a feel for the campus.
  • Try to save some money for college.
  • If you don’t have a Social Security number, you can request one online. You will eventually need it for financial aid and job applications.

Get involved.

  • Volunteer in your community, play sports, or join clubs. Getting involved will help you explore your interests and discover new things that you like to do. Plus, many scholarships require students to demonstrate a history of community service.
  • Talk to your family, teachers, and other adults about your plans so they can help you stay on track!

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Marvin graduated from Cardozo and attends North Carolina A&T  ... view video (1:20)


If you wait until high school to start thinking about college, it's too late.